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SOLO Coordinator
Posted August 3, 2019

Position: We are currently seeking a permanent 0.7 FTE SOLO Coordinator in the SOLO Supported Independent Living (SIL) program.
Terms: The successful candidate will work 27.5 hours per week. These hours will eventually increase to fulltime (37.5 hrs/week) over the next few months. The start date and training for this position will be negotiated however ideally, the position will begin as soon as possible.
General Information about the SOLO Program: The intent of the SOLO program is to provide the supports necessary for youth to learn and practice the skills necessary to be successful members of our community. The goals and tasks that youth are typically working to accomplish while in the program include: securing of safe and stable housing; maintaining a meaningful day program (i.e. work or school); mastering of the various living skills needed for living independently (i.e. money management, cooking, building healthy relationships, goal attainment, self-care), transitioning out of the Children’s Services.
Requirements of a SOLO Coordinator are:

  • The role of the SOLO coordinator is to provide youth-centered training and supports around living and life skills necessary for successful independent living.
  • Keen desire to assist youth in accomplishing their goals and working with them to become successful,
    self-sufficient adults in our community
  • Able to establish positive working relationships with youth.
  • Knowledge and experience in accessing community resources.
  • Able to work independently and in a team context.
  • Strong computer, writing and organizational skills
  • Able to work a flexible schedule as evenings and some weekends are a requirement of this position.

Qualifications: Applicants must have a college diploma or university degree in human services and at least 2-years’experience working with youth
Requirements: Clear, current (within 6 months) Criminal Records Check and Children’s Services Intervention Check. A valid driver’s license and vehicle with appropriate insurance is also required.
Salary, Holidays and Benefits: The bi-weekly salary for this position ranges from $1400.00 to $1435.00 (equivalent to approximately $52,000 to $53,235 annually when based upon full time employment). Staff accrue 0.88 of a holiday each month (equivalent to 15 days per year based on full time employment). Agency benefits begin after 3 months of employment.
To Apply: Interested individuals please submit cover letter and resume by email to Nancy Fedun by August 9, 2019.


Full-Time Child and Youth Care Workers
Transition Home (TSIL) Program
Posted August 3, 2019

Context: The Chimo Youth Retreat Centre is a non-profit organization that has served youth and families in the Edmonton region for over 45 years. Our great staff team provide a broad range of programs and services to youth between the ages of 13-24 that include securing housing, training in personal living skills, relationship skills, parenting support, education, and supports for independence! Together with our community partners we assist young people on their road to successful independence.
About: We are currently seeking qualified full-time Child and Youth Care Workers for our Transition Home (TSIL) Program. The Chimo Youth Retreat Centre operates 4 co-ed Group Care (TSIL) Homes. The Transition Homes provide a safe and supportive environment to assist youth preparing to return home or transition into an independent or semi-independent living setting.
Qualifications: Applicants must have a college diploma or university degree in human services. Experience working with youth in a residential setting is a definite asset. Applicant must have good written and verbal communication skills.
Requirements: Clear, current (within 6 months) Criminal Records Check and Children’s Services Intervention Check. A valid driver’s license and vehicle with appropriate insurance is also required. This is a shift-work position which includes some evenings, asleep overnights, and weekends.
Salary, Benefits, Holidays: The salary range is $49, 050.00 to $50, 250.00 annually. Staff qualify for the employee benefit package after 3 months of full time employment. Staff in this program accrue 2.5 holidays per month which is equivalent to 30 holidays per year.
Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible, but negotiable
To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Joan Brophy by August 9,


Roommate Mentors
Where What You Do Really Matters for a Lifetime!
Posted March 30, 2017


About: In the Solo With Supports (SWS) Program, youth entering the program are matched to live with Roommate Mentors. Mentors provide the experience of living in a shared space as well as in-home supports to young people who are developing identity, relationships, boundaries, personal expectations, dreams, hobbies, practical skills, community awareness, ambition, vocation, emotional wellness, etc. The intention is to best support them while they transition into adulthood.

Transitioning to adulthood can be particularly challenging for youth who have experienced atypical family structures, hurdles in emotional wellness, lack of nurturing experiences and some developmental roadblocks to name a few. In Solo With Supports, we begin this transition with building trust and relationships, closely followed by empowerment so that youth are open to learning other life skills and living skills. Roommate Mentors are an important part of the team as the living environment provides the nurturance for the journey ahead. Mentors are trained and supported to co-create with the youth, a new physical and relational environment.

During the time that the youth resides in your home, Roommate Mentors will be open to mentoring the youth as well as learning from the youth. Living skills are not always taught directly but often learned indirectly through experience and practice. Providing opportunities to learn and practice these skills in a nurturing environment is of great benefit to our youth.

Our program works with youth up to 24 years of age and their families. We are looking for mentors to provide long-term, short-term and respite placements for our youth. Placements can be a year or longer and respite is provided by Roommate Mentors on short-term basis.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Supervisor to develop an understanding of:
    • The various systems that intersect the lives of the young people in our program
    • The developmental, experiential, emotional and trauma based challenges common to young people we serve
  • Participate in trainings provided and actively self-educate in areas pertinent to your work
  • Critically engage with your team to identify what your mentoring style is, your strengths and youth you are best suited for
  • Upon being matched with a youth:
    • Create a welcoming, nurturing and collaborative environment with the youth in your home
    • Liaise and consult with relevant team members, the youth’s families and community agencies.
    • Co-develop next steps with the youth and the rest of the team
    • Mindfully navigate relationship building to create an open atmosphere for teaching life skills and living skills
    • Be informed of the challenges and strengths that are being presented in the home
    • Provide supervision where required
      o Participate in ongoing meetings with the various members to assess progress and next steps.
      o Where required, transport youth to and from school, appointments, activities, and workshops.
      o Submit monthly documentation relevant to the youth in your home as prescribed by the SWS Program

Qualification and Education Requirements: Applicants are preferred to have a relevant college diploma or university degree in Social Work or Child and Youth Care and a minimum of 2 years of experience working with children, youth and families.
Successful completion of all the steps in our Screening and Home Assessment process, as well as reference checks is required.

Preferred Skill Set:

  • Being able to work with a team.
  • Offer effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience with developmental and mental health related hurdles.
  • Being patient.
  • Being able to deal with unexpected problems.
  • Being confident.
  • A non-judgmental attitude.
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel (or some basic training will be provided)

Documentation and Training Requirements:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Child Intervention Record Check
  • Clear driver’s License and Abstract
  • Auto and Home Insurance
  • First AID/CPR Certificate
  • Medication Administration Certificate
  • Suicide Intervention Certificate
  • Aboriginal Awareness Certificate
  • Non-Abusive Restraint De-escalation Certificate

Renumeration: This is a contracted position.
To Apply: Please email your Resume accompanied with a Cover letter to:
Chimo Youth Retreat Centre
Solo with Supports
Attn: Julian Wigg

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