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The Chimo CSD Family Wellness Program provides integrated, safe, effective, and creative services for families. Being integrated means we work cooperatively with many other child, youth, and family services – this means quicker access to supports. Our teams include a manager, supervisors, Family Wellness Coordinators (FWC), and Family Wellness Coach (FWC). All team members have a formal degree or diploma, have experience in the human services field, and adhere to a code of ethical standards.
“Our children, youth, and families deserve our best!”

Who we work with…

Chimo’s CSD Family Wellness Program works with children, youth, and families who have had a file open with Child and Family Services after April 13, 2015. Files may be open under several statuses, including Family Enhancement Agreements, Supervision Orders, and Custody and Guardianship Agreements and Orders. The families and individuals we work with may be experiencing various challenges and will be supported to accomplish their goals regarding their family’s safety and wellness.

What we do…

The Chimo Family Wellness team works in partnership with the Edmonton Region CFS to support children, youth, and families to become safe, happy, healthy, and well. Our goal is to:

  • Support vulnerable children to live successfully in the community.
  • Reunite children in temporary care with their families quickly.
  • Place children in permanent care into permanent homes as quickly as possible.
  • Help youth transition to adulthood successfully.
  • Ensure indigenous children live in culturally appropriate placements and receive culturally appropriate services.


Kinship Care Program - CSD

The Chimo CSD Kinship Care Program provides support to family caregivers for children in the care of the government. We work cooperatively with Chimo’s CSD Family Wellness Program, Children’s Services, and other community agencies to ensure that children in care, and their caregivers, have the supports they need to remain healthy, happy, and safe.

Who we work with…

Chimo’s CSD Kinship Care Program works with all kinship care family files that opened in our designated regions after April 13, 2015. Through the provision of financial supports, referrals to community resources, and advocacy, we support kinship caregivers to safely care for the child(ren) placed with them and to be actively involved in the reunification process of the child(ren) and their family of origin.


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Former family accessing support through Chimo’s Family Wellness Program:


“[Our Family Wellness Coordinator] was a great support for our family during a very stressful and challenging time in our life. We felt like she was truly listening when we shared out struggles with her and she offered empathy in a system that seems to really lack compassion for parents who need help. She was willing to brainstorm new ideas and offered us emotional support. She is friendly and approachable and made it easier to cope with the situation at hand. She was non-judgmental and easy to talk with. We felt that [our Family Wellness Coordinator] was our biggest advocate and we are grateful for her support.”

Relief Coach, Family Wellness Team:


"Chimo isn't just a place I go to work. Chimo is a family that is constantly there for you! Chimo understands that you're not just an employee but a person that has other commitments and encourages a healthy work life balance. They truly want to see you succeed. Being a full time student and working for Chimo has been incredible in so many ways, but the one that sticks out the most is how supportive everyone has been throughout the entire journey!"

Fulltime Coach, Family Wellness Team:


“Working with Chimo has allowed me the opportunity to be part of a team of strong, intelligent, and supportive professionals who have challenged me to grow every single day. It truly is an incredible experience to collaborate and enrich the lives of the families we work with, while being surrounded by the encouragement of a close knit team who is brimming with passion and expertise. Chimo has provided me the opportunity to do the work I was always meant to do, in a way that I can be entirely proud of.”

Fulltime Family Wellness Coordinator, Family Wellness Team:


“The whole Family Wellness Team- from relief to management makes the program what it is. Getting to be part of this blossoming organization has been an incredible privilege. Every day, I get to watch my coworkers go above and beyond to advocate for and support the families we work with. I get to hear the stories of success and struggle, and I, myself, get to have a place where my struggles and successes are heard, valued and honored. Every single individual on this team is supported by supervisors and managers to be creative, intentional and curious in our practice- and are not simply seen as employees, but rather as valuable human beings. Chimo really is a family in itself.”


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Chimo Indigenous Cultural Team

The Chimo Youth Retreat Centre has an Indigenous Cultural team who works with our children, youth and families in sharing knowledge, engaging in traditional practices or teachings and promote understanding, awareness, appreciation and preservation of Indigenous culture and traditions.


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