SOLO - Supported Independent Living (SIL)


SOLO is a community-based program that supports youth in preparing for independence in the community. SOLO provides funding for living expenses and accommodation.


Youth meet regularly with a Placement Coordinator who provides ongoing support to increase knowledge in finance, nutrition, shopping on a budget, cooking, home maintenance, personal wellness, problem solving and conflict resolution, communication and relationship skills, employment, education, career search, building support networks and much more.


Youth live in their own apartment in the community and as they increase their ability to live independently, there is a gradual withdrawal of support services.

You might be a good fit for the SOLO program if you are:
  • Managing most of your day-to-day activities and personal affairs without a high degree of structure or supervision
  • Demonstrating maturity and readiness for semi-independent living
  • Demonstrating the ability to take responsibility for your choices
  • Eager to learn skills you need to become your successful future-self, whatever that means for you.
  • Eager to be an inter-dependent adult, which means connected people who help you and who you help (no one is true independent, everyone needs someone).
SOLO Program Age/Eligibility:

Youth ages 15-23, inclusive, who have Children’s Services Status can apply.


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Former SOLO Program youth:


“The staff at Chimo Youth Retreat Centre give youth the spark for building a bright future.”

Former SOLO Program youth:


“Chimo is a good place for youth to start their life. They help you last and are very understanding. It is one of the best places for youth rescue.”


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